The 40 islands and cays of the Turks & Caicos are where you can relax and unwind on some of the very best beaches in the world, surrounded by some of nature’s most beautiful creations. From the mysterious bat caves, immense blue hole and flamingo filled lagoons of Middle Caicos to the multi-award winning beaches of Providenciales (Provo), the Turks & Caicos offer serenity, seclusion and exquisite beauty.

Dive to the protected coral reef of Grand Turk, or watch as the majestic humpback whale glides through its waters. In Providenciales, walk the 12 miles of mesmerising Grace Bay Beach, or let the only footsteps in the sand be yours at Leeward Beach.  Then there’s the sleepy island of Salt Cay, the eco-tourism isles of North and Middle Caicos, or the fishing capital of South Caicos. Whether you choose one island, or island-hop around them all, the Turks & Caicos are sure to beguile you.

Getting Here

Airports / Gateways / Flying times

Airports: Providenciales (PLS).

Gateway/Flying Times: British Airways fly from London Gatwick via Antigua, to Providenciales. Connections are also available via Miami, North Carolina, New York and Fort Lauderdale,  with American Airlines (MIA, CLT and JFK) and jetBlue (JFK and FLL). Delta flies from Atlanta, JFK and Boston while United offers flights from Newark and Houston. Regionally connections via Jamaica, the Bahamas, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Cuba, Dominica, USVI, St Lucia and Antigua are available with interCaribbean Airways. There are two other local airports: Grand Turk (GDT) and South Caicos (XSC). London: 11 hours. Nassau: 2 hours. Miami: 1 hour. 15 minutes. New York: 3 hours. Grand Turk to Provo: 20 minutes.

Grand Turk welcomes cruise visitors and is the only island in the Turks and Caicos Islands designated as a cruise destination.


High/low. Summer: 28ºC-32º. Winter: 21ºC-23ºC. Avg. humidity- 35%. Avg rainfall 21 inches.  


There are over 100 restaurants and bars in country. Cuisine range from eating out island style in beach restaurants, sea side cafes and rum shacks to fine dining with an international flare. Enjoy dishes prepared with freshly caught fish, lobster and conch to goat and oxtails. Conch, which features prominently in national dishes, is a type of marine snail that is prized by chefs the world over. To sample some local food, drink and the local culture at the same time, make a date for the Thursday night Island Fish Fry in The Bight Park on Provo. As the most developed islands, Provo and Grand Turk have the biggest choice when it comes to food, with the other islands tending to offer more authentic local fare.


The language spoken in the Turks & Caicos is English.

Things To Do / Activities

Providenciales and Grand Turk are your best bet when it comes to finding nightlife outside of your hotel, but even then the vibe is more dinner and drinks than glitter balls and dance music. Grab a spot at a restaurant overlooking Grace Bay on Provo for an evening meal and drinks on a starry terrace or head to Da Conch Shack for some of the island’s favourite conch followed by live music and a beach party.


In the capital of Grand Turk, Cockburn Town, see the pretty 18th century colonial buildings and unearth treasures of old at the Turks and Caicos National Museum. Visit the island’s main historical attraction, The Grand Turk Lighthouse, which overlooks the North Ridge. In Provo, wander the ruins of an ancient cotton plantation at the Cheshire Hall Plantation, visit Osprey Rock to gaze at the rock carvings said to be made by pirates or shipwrecked sailors, or venture a little further out to see the mangrove wetlands and marshes around Provo by standing paddle board. Snorkel in the scenic seascapes of Smith’s Reef or go for swim on Malcolm Road Beach and Sapodilla Bay.  In the Middle Caicos, Mudjin Harbour is where you’ll find Hollywood-worthy caves hidden on paradise beaches, and the labyrinth of caves of Conch Bar. To see the graceful flamingos roaming as nature intended, Flamingo Pond Overlook in the North Caicos is part of the RAMSAR Nature Reserve.

The Turks and Caicos Islands boast spectacular vistas, unique marine life and home to the third largest coral reef system in the world, having 37 species and 400 fish species recorded. The Islands truly are a world class dive and water sports destination

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