Nassau Paradise Island - The Bahamas

Gateway to the New World

Hidden among a group of islands poised between the Atlantic and Caribbean—and only a few hundred miles from the United States’ southern coast of Florida—Nassau Paradise Island has sheltered everyone from pirates and freed slaves to blockade runners, rum smugglers and runaway lovers over the centuries. And although times are peaceful now, we still cherish a tradition of people making their own rules under sunny skies.

Getting Here

Covid 19 Guidelines


The health and wellbeing of all who enter Nassau Paradise Island remains the number one priority, and diligent efforts are enforced to minimize the spread of COVID-19. The following travel and entry protocols have been put in place to ensure Nassau Paradise Island in The Bahamas is a safe and clean destination for all to enjoy. Click here for further information

Airports / Gateways / Flying times

Airport: Lynden Pindling International Airport. To Cable Beach- 10 minutes. To downtown Nassau- 25 minutes. To Paradise Island- 40 minutes. 

Gateways/Flying Times: British Airways flies six times a week direct from London Heathrow to Nassau (NAS). Virgin Atlantic flies twice a week direct from London Heathrow to Nassau (NAS). In addition, Delta, American, Virgin, and United all fly from the UK to Nassau via the US.

Nassau from London: 9 hours, Miami: 55 minutes, New York: 3 hours.


Summer: High 32°C, low 25°C. Winter: High 23°C, low 15°C. Average humidity 78.  Average rainfall- tropical rain showers occur any time of the year, but the rainy months are from June to October.  


With our laid-back atmosphere and friendly carefree lifestyle, you can’t help but want to explore Nassau Paradise Island’s many casual dining options. From the local hangout spot at The Arawak Cay Fish Fry on West Bay Street in downtown Nassau to the many casual restaurants at our renowned hotels and resorts, we offer a variety of relaxed dining options—all set against one of the most beautiful backdrops in the Caribbean.

Fine dining in Nassau Bahamas


The main language spoken in The Bahamas is English.

Things To Do / Activities

Whether you want to bask on gorgeous powdery white beaches and swim in pristine turquoise waters, shop at luxury boutiques and local markets, enjoy some of the freshest seafood right out of the ocean or try your luck at the largest casino in the Caribbean, a new adventure awaits you every day and night in Paradise. 

 Things to do in Nassau Bahamas


Taking a local tour or enjoying something a little out of the ordinary is one of the best ways to experience our Islands. Visit charming buildings, take in beautiful sights and learn a little about our history and culture. Whether you decide to stroll through the streets of downtown Nassau with map in hand or take one of our many expertly guided tours, a new adventure awaits you around every corner in Nassau Paradise Island!

Where to stay

From quiet and secluded beachfront properties to some of the most dazzling resorts situated on the famed beaches of The Bahamas: Choose one of our Nassau Paradise Island beachfront locations, and wake up to stunning views of white sandy beaches, turquoise waters and beautiful blue skies…then fall asleep to the sound of waves gently caressing the shore. Browse Our Hotels in Nassau Paradise Island:

Where to stay in Nassau Bahamas.

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