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Dining and Cuisine

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If you are what you eat, then you have the chance to become anyone you like in the Caribbean. We have an enormously varied cuisine, with foods and cooking styles that have come to us from around the world.

We can feed you in any style that makes you feel comfortable – at classy restaurants with some of the finest food in the world, or with sand under your toes and the succulent sauce of a burger on your lips at a beach barbecue.

St. Thomas Yacht Haven Grande Restaurant

Dining in St.Thomas, US Virgin Islands

Go out for a meal and you can find yourself eating on a deck built over the ocean, or against the backdrop of a tropical rain forest. Our best restaurants are so popular that visitors sometimes book seats months in advance to be sure of a table during their vacation.


The spices of the Caribbean

Many of our cooks and chefs have trained overseas before returning home to fuse new ideas with the best of traditional island cuisine. But you can always sample local dishes – spicy West Indian stews and soups, créole cookery and exotic vegetables such as yams, cassava and okra -- in simple roadside or beachside shacks, as well as in elegant restaurants.

Creole Pelau

Creole Pelau is a typical dish you can enjoy in the Southern Caribbean

The European empires who colonized us traded fruits, vegetables and cuisines across the globe; they took Caribbean pineapples to Hawaii and brought breadfruit to us from Tahiti. Today we have many varieties of fruit, from bananas at their best to fresh coconuts and juicy mangoes which make refreshing drinks if you want to pace yourself between our wicked cocktails, rum and local beers.

We can offer you fish in abundance, or you can, of course, catch your own. There are many charters that will take you fishing – with deep-sea and local, offshore trips on offer.